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For Economic Level of Leakage (ELL) estimation two main methods are used (more in OFWAT website):

   - based on physical component analysis - BABE model (Intervention and Exit Level),
   - based on 'curve fit' equations.

ECOREG offers 3-rd method /in our opinion the best practical method/  - Economic Remodelling of Leakage.

What Made The Difference

In ECOREG, knowledge required to optimize the process of limiting water loss from leakage comes from the current changes of process parameters (mainly from weekly average night flow in a water network). ECOREG divides leakage manegement into cycles and on this base you can perfectly control of unreported bursts. Not only typical "sawtooths" of Active Leakage Control, but also  frequent changes of flow in the case of Speed of Repairs or other free-form leakage control can be managed by ECOREG, also.
ECOREG enables immediate implementation of approach of the Economic Level of Leakage process - the minimum network operating costs. It is most accurate and fastest method in the world in the field of achieving the Economic Level of Leakage in every water network.

Software and Method Unlike Any Other

Probably you know main problem of water suppliers: "Should water companies determine economic targets or meet targets economically ?"
Our advice is: you can determine targets less or more theoretically and next ECOREG will help you to meet real targets economically.

Since the results produced by ECOREG depend on the current changes of water network parameters and take into account the real rate of water loss changes - ECOREG, as no other software programme or even a method, enables precise management of your work - surveys of water network without your larger effort.

Now, on the base of ECOREG Software you can control very easy effectiveness of all possible processes:
  - Proactive or Partial Leakage Control and other free-form approaches,
  - Active Leakage Control,
  - Speed of Repairs.

Economic Remodelling of Water Leakage Method was developed by known polish engineer - Slawomir Speruda in 2008
For practical aspects of ECOREG - look at REFERENCES.

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