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"We used software based on BABE and mathematical curve fitting to attain Economic Level of Leakage in water nwetwork since 2006.

In 2009 we have been implemented new software - ECOREG in leakage control process. With the aid of this software leakage control process becomes significantly simply. Our Leakage Manager don't work under pressure of many theoretical assumptions. He is not forced to find all unreported bursts and attain theoretically computed EXIT LEVEL or to make leakage surveys with a priori calculated economic frequency.

Applying the metod of remodelling it is fully possible to concentrate on perfecting of leakage inspectors skills. Other, analytical part of  work is made itself by software.

In our opinion it is friendly method for water suppliers who want to reduce water losses in form of organized and economic approach."

                                                                    Urszula Jakubowska
                                                                    Group of Specialists
                                                                    Plant of Water and Network
                                                                    AQUANET S.A.

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